At MX, we pride ourselves on helping players of all ages and abilities achieve their goals. Whether that be making your school team, playing for your club side, or representing Wellington or Capital at the elite level – we’ll do our best to get you there. 

Development is in the detail

To be successful in hockey, and in life, attention to detail is essential. Yet it is often the case that basic, taken-for-granted skills become overlooked and left to the clutches of habit. However, it is these skills that provide the foundation for success in any scenario.

That’s why at MX we believe that development truely is in the detail. MX sessions provide a level of detail that is rarely found elsewhere, enabling our players to develop an approach towards training that sets them up for success.

We also encourage our players to understand the context in which skills are applied, ensuring that skill development at MX translates into better in-game performances.

drive your development, in all areas 

Goals are important and we’re here to help you achieve them, but ultimately they’re yours. MX encourages players to own their development and identify individual areas of focus. We look to provide the tools necessary to overcome many of the challenges young players face on and off the field.

A unique aspect of the MX programme is its holistic nature. At MX, we nurture and mentor our players in all aspects of athlete development including skill acquisition, physical conditioning, mental and emotional control, nutrition, problem solving, and hockey awareness.