MX Hockey traces its origins back to 2011 - established to provide coaching expertise to a small but aspirational group of young athletes in the Wellington hockey community.

A lot has changed since then. 

 MX is now Wellington’s leading provider of hockey coaching, offering aspiring, young players an opportunity to expose themselves to high quality coaching in a challenging and enjoyable training environment. 

Conor and ollie

2017 marked the introduction of Conor and Ollie to MX, initially as coaches and then as owners. The pair have grown MX into an holistic service that talks more to the personal development of young people than any specific hockey skill.

Conor and Ollie

Conor and Ollie

By day, Conor and Ollie operate in the corporate world. After spending time as a graduate, Ollie has taken up an associate role in the ANZ Wellington commercial banking team. Meanwhile, Conor is now based in Auckland working at AIG, where as a sponsorship executive he focuses his time on the longstanding relationship with New Zealand Rugby.

Both Ollie and Conor have a passion for hockey and a passion for sport. From that the new MX was born. Driven by a desire to provide more than just hockey coaching, and centred by an athlete first approach, the two are champions of the MX philosophy.

The pair have transformed MX into a platform where members can challenge themselves, own their development and enhance their interpersonal skills. We believe that these attributes will serve them well in all walks of life. Based on the firm belief that great people make great athletes, we focus as much on building character and resilience as we do on technical ability and skill execution.

Meet the guys behind MX, Conor and Ollie