MX Graduate Georgie Joins Our MX Coaching Team


Meet Georgie.

Introducing the newest member of the MX coaching team and although the role is a new one for Georgie, she’s not at all unfamiliar with what MX is all about. In fact one could argue Georgie is better placed than any of the MX coaches that have come before her.


Georgie came through the MX programme as a player first. She’s been a part of the MX evolution since day one and understands the MX philosophy.

We’re lucky to have her and to be honest we’re hoping she’s the first of many. MX athletes who are willing to jump out of their comfort zone and continue to test themselves in new environments.

We could leave it there but we haven’t even touched on an impressive resume that will ensure Gerogie’s influence at MX is widespread. She’s currently in the mix for the Capital U21 Women and has represented Capital for the last two years at U18 level. Georgie is also an experienced premier one club player plying her trade for Karori.

Outside of hockey? This year marks the start of Georgie’s tertiary studies, she will begin a Bachelor of Commerce at Victoria University.

If you see Georgie at any of our sessions be sure to introduce yourself and make her feel welcome, chances are you’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

Welcome Georgie!