MX Breaking The Holiday Programme Mould


Like all things at MX, we like to do things different. From the way we communicate with our members, deliver sessions and most importantly, treat our athletes, everything we do has a unique MX feel.

So when we tossed up whether we were going to get into holiday camps, the first question was, how can we make it different?

These days, so much hockey is run in the same way, recycled content rolled out year in and year out. So the challenge for us was to put together two days that would provide players with a memorable experience they couldn’t get anywhere else.

And so here we are. A week out from what we feel will be a compelling two days.

We’ll be joined by two world class athletes. Current White Fern, Amelia Kerr and current Hurricane, James Blackwell. The two will be joining us to chat about their journeys as athletes and answer any questions thrown their way.

White Fern, Amelia Kerr & Hurricane, James Blackwell

White Fern, Amelia Kerr & Hurricane, James Blackwell

We’ve set aside time for the players to select their own sessions and hone skills they want to focus on.

We plan to challenge athletes with transferable skills from other codes and encourage players to move out of their comfort zones.

We’ll wrap all of this, and much more into a enjoyable, challenging two days. As always we’ll have some of Capitals best coaches running the show and providing their insights and expertise.

So if you’re looking for a challenge or even just something a little bit different, register here and join us during week one of the Term 2 holidays for what we hope will be the first of many MX Holiday Camps.