MX Coaches Impress at NZ U21 Camp

Lochie Paton and Estelle Macadre - two names to watch out for over the next few years. 

You may recognise them as a part of our MX coaching team but, more importantly, right now they're both away at a Hockey New Zealand U21 development camp strutting their stuff. 


For Lochie, it marks a welcome return to regular hockey after a tough couple of years spent on the injured list. Estelle... well her progress doesn't seem to be slowing down any time fast.

The pair will be looking to impress over the course of the camp and continue their form into the upcoming Men's and Women's National League campaigns, for which they will both be gunning for selection. Estelle represented Capital at National League for the first time last year and she didn't disappoint. Lochie will be looking to earn his first cap for Capital and we're hoping we get to see that crafted moustache of his action in the Cobra Pit.

An excited Lochie gave us a quick rundown of his experience at the camp so far.

"The camp has been outstanding, our accommodation at 121 has been simply superb"  


Estelle has also relished the opportunity to go against the best U21 players in the country.

"I think the entire Cyclones team should be here to warm up the keepers, that would really take it up a notch"

Ok, so both of those quotes were fake but stay tuned because we will be catching up with the MX duo when they return. 

We're stoked for L'estelle, they've both worked hard to get where they are and we wish them the best for the last couple of days. See you back in Wellington soon!