Estelle Macadre Debuts For Capital Cyclones at NHL


NHL kicks off this week in Wellington, with the Capital Cobras (Men) and Cyclones (Women) vying to be crowned national champions on their home turf.

Long-time MX member Estelle Macadre is the youngest player in the Capital Cyclones team and will be making her NHL debut today against Auckland.

After recently being selected for the 2017 Junior Black Sticks, Estelle has been going from strength to strength and will have the chance to compete alongside current and former Black Sticks at NHL this week.

"I've just got to really embrace what's happening right now, because it is happening quite fast but I'm really excited for all of it."

The NHL tournament runs from 16 - 24 September at NHS in Newtown, for the latest information on the NHL draw and results click here