MX Mid Year Report

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With the first half of 2019 in the books, there’s plenty for us to reflect on but also a lot still to look forward to over the coming months.

We’ve enjoyed partnering with Marsden Collegiate, St. Marks, Wellington College and Queen Margaret’s College. Our connection with these schools has really developed and we thoroughly enjoy working with their players.

Our MX sessions are still going strong, we’ve welcomed in a tonne of new athletes and have seen significant improvement in those that have been with us awhile, both on and off the field.

Our coaches have amassed an impressive list of achievements. Daan lead a successful Capital U18 women’s campaign. Lochie and Estelle were both selected in national squads. Georgie played her first U21 tournament and Ollie meet several key KPIs at ANZ.

We’re not sure what the rest of the year has in store for all at MX but if the the first half of 2019 is anything to go by, we’re as excited as Lochie was when the original Yeezy’s dropped. Simply put, we can’t wait.

If you want to join us, it’s never a bad time. Check us out here.

Capital U18 Women Performing On The National Stage

Last week, Capital played host to the National U18 Tournament which showcased the best, developing male and female athletes from around the country.

We always take an interest in the many representative campaigns that take place each year, however last week was of particular interest given the number of MX athletes, past and present, in action.

To kick things off, MX coach and good friend, Daan Jongejan lead the Capital U18 women who turned in an impressive 4th place finish, one of the best results in recent years. The team was also made up of seven players who have participated in MX sessions over the last two years.

We caught up with Daan this week and he had a lot of positive things to say on how the group performed.

“To finish in the top 4 was awesome and the girls really did give it there all”

One of the main challenges at any tournament is the ability to learn, improve and perform day after day. Daan noted the importance of the learnings from this year’s experience and is looking forward to next year.

“We have 12 returning next year, as a coach you always want more so next year we’ll come back to win”

Congratulations to all of those who were involved in the U18 women’s campaign last week. The coaching staff and players, but also the parents who we’re sure ran many drop offs and pick ups in the lead up to the tournament.

Representative hockey isn’t our primary focus at MX but we do enjoy seeing our athletes, and coaches, perform on the national stage.

Well done ladies!

Longtime MX Player, Ruby Baker Continues To Impress

MX has grown a lot over the last two years. Each term we take on new players looking to develop and hone their skills.

Few have been with us longer than Ruby Baker.

At last week’s National U18 Tournament, Ruby finished second on the goal scoring ladder after netting 5 times across the tournament. Capital coach and MX regular Daan Jongejan had high praise for the talented forward “Ruby worked extremely hard off the ball, played great hockey all week and managed to score 5 times in the process.”

From our point of view it’s not the goal scoring tally that defines Ruby’s success last week and we know Daan would agree. It’s her commitment to continuous growth, her competitiveness and willingness to challenge fellow players, and her courage to ask questions of her coaches that sets her apart.

Ruby embodies everything that we stand for at MX, and we have a huge amount of respect for how she’s grown as young woman.

The best part? It’s only the beginning.

Photo Credit: Field Hockey

MX Breaking The Holiday Programme Mould


Like all things at MX, we like to do things different. From the way we communicate with our members, deliver sessions and most importantly, treat our athletes, everything we do has a unique MX feel.

So when we tossed up whether we were going to get into holiday camps, the first question was, how can we make it different?

These days, so much hockey is run in the same way, recycled content rolled out year in and year out. So the challenge for us was to put together two days that would provide players with a memorable experience they couldn’t get anywhere else.

And so here we are. A week out from what we feel will be a compelling two days.

We’ll be joined by two world class athletes. Current White Fern, Amelia Kerr and current Hurricane, James Blackwell. The two will be joining us to chat about their journeys as athletes and answer any questions thrown their way.

White Fern, Amelia Kerr & Hurricane, James Blackwell

White Fern, Amelia Kerr & Hurricane, James Blackwell

We’ve set aside time for the players to select their own sessions and hone skills they want to focus on.

We plan to challenge athletes with transferable skills from other codes and encourage players to move out of their comfort zones.

We’ll wrap all of this, and much more into a enjoyable, challenging two days. As always we’ll have some of Capitals best coaches running the show and providing their insights and expertise.

So if you’re looking for a challenge or even just something a little bit different, register here and join us during week one of the Term 2 holidays for what we hope will be the first of many MX Holiday Camps.

National Honours For MX Mates

This is the last time we’re writing an article about Lochie and Estelle’s achievements on the hockey turf.

Until we do it again.

We just can’t help ourselves and when the accolades are coming in thick and fast, it would be rude not to acknowledge the efforts of two MX coaches who are fast becoming two tidy hockey players and not to mention good mates.

Last week, both Lochie and Estelle were named in the U21 New Zealand squads after impressive performances in North Harbour. Great reward for two players who have put in a lot of behind the scenes work over the last two seasons.

We would also like to congratulate the other Capital players who made the cut. Julia Gluyas and Jess Kelly were both included in the women’s squad as well as Ruby Logan, the shining light of the Logan family. On the men’s side, Jordan Cohen and Sajan Patel were included in the 30. We’re a little confused that only three Capital men were picked seeing as the Cobras took out gold but that’s a yarn for another day.

Congratulations to all seven Capital players who made it, enjoy the moment when it comes and let it be the start of something bigger.

Photo credit: Planet Hockey Magazine

Introducing Your 2019 U21 MVP Lochie Paton, Congrats Champ


We would be lying if we said we haven’t been looking forward to this write up all week. Not solely because we enjoy writing things about Lochie and twisting the occasional quote but because last week was a special, special week for a deserving young man

Over the last few years no player has become more familiar with the inevitability of injuries, although we would argue Lochie has had more than his fair share. So to be named National U21 MVP to go along with a gold medal was fitting reward for a guy who loves rehab more than o-week.

In his words “I always knew I was going to get it, I just had to get through the week”


False, that’s not something that Lochie would say and I’m sure if we did ask him, he’d say the national title was the most important prize to play for last week. That being said we feel we speak for everyone at MX in saying we couldn’t be more wrapped for the big man.

Well done mate, have a Fanta on us.

Thanks to the team at Planet Hockey Magazine for the images

Capital Claim National Crown At U21 Tournament


Last week the best U21 talent from around the country was on show at North Harbour Hockey Stadium and with the next generation of elite talent competing against one another there was a lot to be excited about.

After losing their opening game, the Capital U21 men stormed back to claim gold on the final day with a 5 0 win over Southern capping off an impressive week.


National titles are hard to come by and a lot needs to go right in order to finish on top on the last day. We would like to congratulate the Capital U21 players and team management on a successful 2019 campaign. A special congratulations to MX coach and good mate, Lochie Paton

who was in the thick of the action all week. We hope you and the team took time to celebrate.


The Capital U21 women had mixed results finishing a respectable 5th. Two MX team members, Estelle Macadre and Georgie Peterson were part of that side and enjoyed the learning experience.

Well done to all our MX coaches!

*Thanks to the team at Planet Hockey Magazine for the images

A Thank You To Our Players & Parents


Term 1 was a successful one for MX.

We welcomed Georgie to the coaching team and enjoyed having Daan back in the fold. We saw the return of some familiar faces and introduced new members to the MX community. We ran more sessions than ever before and built strong relationships with a number of schools.


With so much going on, we thought we would take a moment to say thank you.

Thank you to all our players that turn up week in and week out ready to learn. A unique feature of MX is the relationships we build with our players and this term was no different.

Thank you to the parents, hopefully our players have shown their appreciation for all your support as well but we feel privileged to have built positive relationships with all of you. We understand the importance of knowing our players and parents on a personal level and you have all allowed us to do this, so once again, thank you.


At the end of Term 1 we were fortunate enough to be able to host an end of term celebration at Swimsuit Cafe in central Wellington. A big thanks to owner and friend, Tait Burge for allowing us to share his space. Thanks to all of you who came along. It was great to see so many of you and put faces to names, it was a nice change from the regular emails. We over catered on pretty much everything, cheese and drinks especially but it was a fantastic evening that we hope you all enjoyed.

With Term 2 starting tomorrow, we hope you’ve all enjoyed the break and were able to get away for a few days. If you haven’t registered yet, no worries there’s still plenty of time to get involved.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at MX in Term 2.

Over 30% of U18 teams made up of athletes with links to MX

With the first term of 2019 done and dusted, we thought now was a good chance to acknowledge some recent achievements across the MX community. 


MX coaches, Estelle Macadre and Georgie Peterson have both been selected in the Capital U21 women’s side that will travel to North Harbour to compete for a national title in May. A familiar environment for Estelle who has represented Capital at U21 level before but new territory for Georgie who has only recently graduated from U18 level. 

Another MX coach, Lochie Paton, will again represent Capital at U21 tournament. After debuting at National League level last year, Lochie will be looking to make an impact and lead this year’s group. 

The Capital and Wellington U18 squads have also been announced and there are MX connections across the board. 

In the Capital U18 women’s side, 7 out of the 19 players have attended MX sessions at various stages. Long time MX athlete, Ruby Baker is among those who will don the Capital jersey. In the Wellington team, 10 of the young women selected, have experienced the MX environment. Current members Amy and Emily Singer, Eleanor White, Ida Braun and Nina Simmonds have all been named in the group. 

Judd Adamson is the lone MX member in the Capital U18 men’s team, an impressive feat given Judd was playing U15 hockey just last year. Will Collins and Hamish Nicholls have also been named in the Wellington team and round out the strong MX representation across the U18 age group. 

At MX we have a lot of fun and athletes enjoy the difference we offer and the challenge it brings. Not only is the environment unique, it delivers results. 20 athletes with links to MX will represent Capital or Wellington at U18 level this year, numbers that speak for themselves. 

Join us in Term 2 and find out what MX can do for you, as most of our players will tell you, it’s probably more than you think.  

Top Accolades for MX Champions


Quick one from us.

Everyone at MX is familiar with Lochie and Estelle. The two up and coming coaches and elite players in their own right have been regulars at MX for awhile now.

At the recent Wellington Hockey AGM, the pair picked up the 2018 Capital Hockey Male and Female Player of Year awards.


We had a brief catch up with Lochie this week and he said that although he’s had many awards in his time, this one ranks as “one of the greats.”

Estelle was slightly more humble, acknowledging Bella Cronin Stone as her biggest influence in her career so far.

Congratulations Lochie and Estelle, all jokes aside both thoroughly deserving winners.